Hello, allow us to introduce LUCY

Premium 2 in 1 Concentrate Vaporizer

  • For solid concentrates and oil cartridges. To use for oils remove atomizer and replace with 510 threaded cartridge.

  • 2.7v/3.3v/3.7v plus a 15 second prewarm/sesh function. No mater the cartridge or the concentrate, enjoy it the way you like!

  • We cut no corners, the mouthpiece is smoked boro for a clean appearance, the chamber is all quartz, and the body is stainless with a gun metal finish.

  • The device is so easy to use the instructions fit on the box. Additionally, we took the extra step to build the charger into the battery, so no more goofy USB adapters.

Feature Rich for $34.99


Entry Level 2 in 1 Concentrate Vaporizer

  • For solid concentrates and oil cartridges. To use for oils remove atomizer assembly and replace with 510 cartridge.

  • The user is in control with a buttoned one temp battery

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  • No Compromises for $24.99

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    About Us

    A unicorn of a hardware company because we care.

    Oilmate Concentrate Tech, based in Denver, was founded in 2018 with one simple goal of providing the highest quality concentrate products for the price. Our founders come from two distinct backgrounds, one with years of manufacturing experience for some of the industry’s biggest names the other with expertise as a medical user and brand owner of vaporizers. Combined, this provides us the ability to produce the best products at a reasonable price. The most important core value management embodies is we will never, sacrifice quality in order to meet consumer price demand. The reason quality matters is because one of the biggest unspoken issues in our industry is electronic waste. The fact is all portable vaporizer products utilize batteries, which contain Lithium Ion Technology. Poorly made products or products from factories that do no pride themselves on quality of materials used, this contributes to contamination of our waste management facilities. The expected useful life of the products and recycling should prevent this tragedy, unfortunately the truth is most market products are made to ensure large profits sacrificing quality, therefore not with the the consumer or environment in mind. We are in a fight to maintain the lifestyles we choose and ensure a bright future of vaping. We look forward to designing new and unique products over the course of years. With much love, vape on!